19 December 2016

What my students think about me?

Thought this photo was perfect for this post.
This is what my kiddos got up to on the last day of school
while I was out of the room sorting stuff out, and my assistant was with them.
Love these kids!
One of the things that we do in my classroom is free writing time. During this time students can write about whatever they like, in whatever format they like. Today I caught up on reviewing some of that writing and thought I'd share two pieces that were written about me. I love reading my students writing as it often gives me an insight into their thinking and even their behaviour. Both these students have English as a Second Language so I have corrected a few errors to avoid embarassment. I won't name them, but I will show them this post tomorrow in class. I share these pieces because they I love the honesty in them, and because they show that I'm not a perfect teacher. It's interesting to consider the things that they notice (like my sometimes messy desk and braided hair). I'm human, but the bottom line, as share by R, is that I care about my students. Most teachers do.

Miss Karen by a student

Meet Miss Karen. She was one of my favorite teachers that I ever studied with. Even my mom really likes her. Even though I just learned with her I was starting to like her everytime I see her. Miss Karen has long hair, and she braid it to school because she won’t have lice in her hair. She likes to see us doing the right choice and completing homework on time. First when I was not in her class yet I always wanted to learn in her class. Before I get to learn with her I was scared, but then it was great learning with her. My mom says she only get mad when homework is not done. She was right. One reason that I really loved learning with Miss Karen is that she has a lot of cool stuff. She also cares about other students too, including me. I hope that she has good toys or stuff for us to spend with our tickets. She also treats people fairly in the class too. She is one of my favourite teachers of all.

Miss Karen by another student
Miss Karen is my teacher. Sometimes Miss Karen is mean. Sometimes Miss Karen is kind. In swim class Miss Karen is teaching in the shallow end. I think Miss Karen likes to wear a pink T-shirt. Sometimes Miss Karen is funny. Miss Karen wears glasses. Miss Karen’s table is a little bit messy. My mom said “Miss Karen is a good teacher.” Miss Karen comes from Brisbane. I think Miss Karen likes to eat vegetables. I think Miss Karen is a good teacher. Miss Karen is always busy. I think Miss Karen likes to say long words. Miss Karen almost all day wears a watch. I think Miss Karen is very tidy. Miss Karen on Thursday and Friday doesn’t give us homework (so I like it).