20 January 2011

Tales of a package

Have you ever wondered about the journey of a package? Here in Phnom Penh, I sometimes wonder about the journey snail mail takes as it comes to me. I received a package today, and I wish it could talk.

Back on  27th July 2010, I requested a book called "Capture by Grace" from the Booksneeze program. On the 5th August 2010 I requested a "special" book called "The Boy Who Changed the World", then on 10th September 2010 I requested another "special" book called "Outlive Your Life". Usually you can only request one book at a time, but on this occasion the second and third books were offered in addition to your existing "one at a time" allowance. By November 2010 I had received and reviewed both the special books, but still hadn't received "Captured by Grace". I contacted the publisher, fully expecting them to say, "Sorry there's nothing we can do, but we'll reset your profile so you can request another book". Not true! They arranged for another copy to be sent. Wow, I think God must want me to read this book.

2 weeks ago, I still had not received the 2nd copy so contacted them again. No problem, we'll try again, but let's try a street address. OK. I can do that. Let's see what happens.

This afternoon we had a staff meeting, which was finished by 4pm, so I called in at the Post Office on the way home. I parked the moto and went inside where I climbed on the bench in front of the boxes to reach my colleague's box (which I use and is on the top row). Turn the key and open the door. It's a bit sticky. Now I cannot see inside the box, and in fact, it's not that easy for me to reach in, but I do, trusting there will be no nasty livestock inside! Yes! There's mail. First I pull out a card for another colleague, then another card for the box's owner, then finally a package. I wonder who that will be for. OK. Yes! It's mine! Hooray! I love packages. I closed the box, checked the mail on the counter (another colleague is also waiting for a package), put the mail in my bag and headed home via the grocery store.

A while later, as I opened the package with much anticipation (since by then I knew it was a new book to read), I noticed a strange stamp on the Customs Declaration form. It said "MISSENT TO THAILAND". On closer inspection of the printed address label I discovered it said Phnom Penh twice, but didn't actually say Cambodia. Someone had handwritten Cambodia on the label but at what point I guess I'll never know. So now I'm wondering why it got sent to Thailand. That's going to remain a mystery I feel. What I do know is that I'm grateful that someone in the Thai Postal System took the time to send it on to Cambodia. The parcel was posted in the USA on 16/11/2010, so it took just over 2 months to get to me. All I can say is "I think God really wants me to read this book, and to allow it to speak to me, and so I'd better get on with it!"

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  1. David Jeremiah is good. Now what will you do with the other two copies if they show up? ;) Happy reading! -kara


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