12 November 2011

What's it like to be really cold?

Living in Cambodia does not offer many opportunities for our students to experience what it is like to be really cold, in the way that people who live in places like Canada or the Snowy Mountains or Alaska experience for several months of the year. On Tuesday this week both classes of Grade 4 students had the chance to experience a little of what it's like to be in a frosty environment. We took everyone who was at school this week to visit the Diamond Island Ice Sculpture Show. It was a great opportunity for these children to experience what it would be like to live in a much colder place. OK, so we were there for less than an hour, but it still gave them a taste of being really cold (as opposed to what they think is cold, like when it gets below 25ÂșC). The children had great fun enjoying the ice slides (and so did the teachers). This was definitely a fun field trip. We'll have an experience to refer to now when we discuss those cold biomes later in the year.

All snuggled up in our warm jackets.
Double Fun
Watch out! You're about to get bumped!

Friends sliding together

This fellow didn't have long trousers, but it didn't stop him having a great time.

Riding the ice train!
My awesome TA. This was a first for him too.
The other Grade 4 teacher with one of her students.
Yep, I got in on the action too. This time with one of my students.


  1. When we were in Sapporo we went to the Ice and Snow festival when our middle son was only a baby. At one location they had slides made totally out of ice (there may have been frames underneath, but you couldn't see them). The steps and everything were ice. I guess you can do that in a place where the temps are under freezing!

    What I want to know is where did the kids get all that cold weather gear from?

  2. Wendy we suggested the kids wear long pants, and most had jeans which they wore. Yep, even in Cambodia. The jackets and hoods were provided by the people running the show. I was amazed when they brought out armfuls of warm jackets in kids' sizes. It was great.


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