06 May 2012

Puzzling fun

As a teacher it is easy to allow your work to fill up all of your available time and then some, and to neglect the fact that our brains and bodies really do need relaxation for us to function effectively.

One of the things I do occasionally for relaxation, using when it's a longer "holiday" break like Khmer New Year recently, is to join a friend in tackling a jigsaw puzzle. This one I purchased for her as a Christmas present, knowing we'd probably end up doing it together. I was right. We started it during the Khmer New year holidays but didn't get it finished.

Here's where we were up to at the end of the holidays.

I promised not to touch it for the rest of the week (I didn't really have time anyway), so Friday evening we got together with the intention of finishing it off, and we did. With 1000 pieces, and a design that had lots of distinct sections, it was just the right amount of challenge, and we finished it off late that evening. Here's the finished product.

At one point I was a little worried that we had lost a piece, but then I found it on the floor. Not easy as the piece that was missing had similar colouring to the floor, but with the light in the right spot and looking from the right angle I spotted it. Very thankful! So that's one of the ways that I relax.

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