07 June 2012

Some excitement today.

Just for something different the power went out this morning at about 10am.

Actually, it went out twice. It went out again around 1.15pm as well.

Both times it was only out for a minute or two. The cause? Well, that's the excitement bit.

I was working with my second English Language Arts group in my classroom just before 10am this morning, when I kept seeing bright flashes of light. At first I thought maybe the fluorescent tube was going, and it was flickering, but it wasn't that. Then I thought, maybe it's lightening? There was no thunder following so no, probably not that, and besides which the clouds hadn't really built up enough for that either.

Next thing I know the power goes off. OK. We can deal with that. I went outside to go to the bathroom and was met by a colleague who said there was a problem across the road, including some loud bangs that could have been gun shots, and so please keep the children in the classroom for recess. Then we heard a fire engine siren. Hmmm. Something is definitely not right. Looking from the vantage point of the fourth floor we could see white powder all around the shop across the road from the school. Couldn't see much else as the roof of the gym was blocking the view.

Given the power going out and coming back on again, I sent my assistant downstairs to find out what was happening and if we could let the children play under the main building at least.

When he returned it was good news. Yes, we can go downstairs. Hooray! Both kids and teacher needed the recess break.

When we got downstairs we discovered the cause of all the excitement was an electrical fault across the road from school. The transformed box had shorted out and caught fire. Fortunately it was quickly doused with dry chemicals, and no one was hurt, but it did add some excitement to the day. I think the kids were disappointed that there was nothing to see, but I suspect the store owners were very grateful it wasn't any worse.

Life in Cambodia is definitely NOT boring!

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