18 August 2013

Farewell Booksneeze

For quite a while I enjoyed the privilege of writing book reviews for Booksneeze, a program where I received a free copy of a book in return for writing a review and posting it on this blog. Booksneeze have recently changed their requirements for bloggers, no doubt due to the demand for the program, and I no longer qualify. To qualify I'd need 30+ visible followers of my blog, and I have to be posting at least weekly. Alas, that means I won't be doing any more Booksneeze reviews. It doesn't mean I'll cease blogging or cease reviewing books on my blog but I want to say thanks to the "Booksneeze" program for the books I did receive and review. These days it's easier for me to get new books to read, thanks to my Kindle, and the availability of so many books for it either free or at minimal cost.

Farewell Booksneeze. It was great being part of you. I'm sure you'll continue to bless others who have more time for reading and writing than I do.

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