11 June 2015

Progress is still being made

Well progress on the new building has definitely slowed down. At the same time, progress is being made and things are looking good. The last shot I posted was 10th December 2014. I know I'm well overdue to post an update, so now that school is finished for the year, and Uni is finished for this semester, I thought I'd better get on with it. Following are a selection of snapshots taken over the past five months or so. In the next post, I'll give you a picture story of the demolition process which is making way for another new building, which will contain three classrooms on the ground floor, along with a new lunch area and new PE areas. After that I'll get some more photos of what's been happening inside the building.
30 December 2014

8 January 2015 - Classroom space and walkway to other buildings - wall still to go up.

8 January 2015 - Classroom space waiting for dividing walls

8 January 2015 - Our new hall (or part of it)

18 January 2015 - Toilet areas being walled in
24 January 2015 - Beginning to render outside of bathrooms

24 January 2015 - Close-up of rendering

31 January 2015 - Painting almost done
15 March 2015 - Scaffolding gone
15 March 2015 - From diagonally across the street

3 April 2015 - From the corner diagonally opposite the school - Note the windows are going in!
19 May - Windows in, roof off PE area

5 June 2015 - Air-conditioners starting to go in
Anyone see a problem with this photo? 

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