26 December 2015

Construction progress continues

While students, teachers, and cleaners enjoy their Winter Break, progress on the construction site between the two buildings has continued. The hallways are filthy and the cleaners are going to have a big job to do to get them clean before school resumes, however at least work is progressing, albeit slowly (or that's how it appears). Here are a few photos to bring you up to date.
First is shot of our new PE area, taken on 22nd December 2015. Framing for the roof was going up.
The roof is on the new PE area. Looking north west.
Looking South East at the PE area.
The roof has some sections of green poly-sheeting to let additional light in.
They are green, rather than clear, so hence the green cast on these photos.
Looking up at the roof of the PE area.
Definitely room for balls to go high in Volleyball and Basketball games.
Some of the area outside my classroom with with framing removed - 20th December 2015.
There had actually been some effort made to tidy things up.
Looking out the window from the "walkway" area towards my classroom - 26th December 2015
The white rendering definitely makes things lighter and brighter in the classroom.
This is what's going on at my end of the building. 26th December 2015.
And this is taken from my classroom looking the other way.
They're working on both ends at the same time.
26th December 2015.
I'm not sure, but from the noise going on outside my room this afternoon, they are probably also working on railings along each end of the building at the moment. I keep on shutting the doors that lead to the work area to remind the children that these areas are off limits. As you can see, cleanliness of the work site is not a priority, and we can't wait for construction to be completed, since all that cement dust gets routinely tramped inside the building all day every day. Poor cleaners. It has to be discouraging for them that 5 minutes after they mop the hallways there are dirty, dusty footprints all down them. Life's like that.

The last three photos were taken back on 22nd November, 2015 and show the progress that has been made with the new hall. We're hanging out for this space to be finished so we can be more comfortable for assemblies and other whole school events.

That's it for now. I wonder how much more will get done between now and when we resume school. I'll try and remember to take some more photos on the first day back!

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  1. It looks stunning now. Almost art deco in some respects. You have all done a great job.


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