04 October 2009

Taking Risks

One of my extra-curricular jobs at school, until this year, was managing the school sound equipment. This year, I was fortunate to have two new teachers take on the main responsibility, although I am still there as a back-up. Well, on Friday morning I wandered onto the basketball court to check that everything was going to plan for the Middle-High school chapel that morning and discovered that one of the two guys (the one with the most prior knowledge) was missing! That was OK. Found out he was on an official school trip. Anyway, that left us with no one to actually operate the mixer, so I decided to take a calculated risk and ask one of the high school students that I know is musical to do it. He was pretty apprehensive, but agreed. I appreciated it because I needed to get up to my classroom and students.
I didn't hear any more during the day, but that afternoon, he found me and thanked me for trusting him to do the job. He'd had a number of positive comments about what he'd done, and felt good about it. Even better, he's agreed to help out in the future if needed. Praise God. Praise Him that I was willing to take a calculated risk, and that God used that step for His glory during chapel, and for the future.

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