30 September 2009

A quick update

Don't ask me where the last two weeks have gone! Days here just fly by. This is just a quick update to let folk know that I am still alive. I survived the staff retreat, and it was OK, but 9 hours or more travel for a day & a half retreat seemed a long way to me. Granted it is an interesting drive, but the roads aren't that great (at times it was a matter of finding the smallest potholes rather than avoiding them altogether). Coming back on wet roads was even more hazardous, especially when we decided to try and avoid the Phnom Penh peak hour by taking a fairly major "back road", only to discover that either it had been washed out by recent rain or they were rebuilding a bridge without any diversion routes. When I compare road building in Cambodia to road building in Australia there's just no comparison. You think the Australian roads fall apart quickly? You should try Cambodian roads. Some are better than others, but I'm sure they could benefit from some Australian engineering input!

Speaking of Cambodian roads, I haven't been out to the new school recently, but I've been told that access is something of a challenge. Let's hope they get something sorted out before we have 30+ staff and 300 students trying to get there and home again every day. I'm sure it's on the list of things that has to be sorted!

And while I'm on the topic of the new school, it looks promising for us to have two computer labs to set up when we move. We still need monitors, keyboards and mice, but we know that God can provide.

OK, it's time I was in bed, so I'll finish off for now.

See you again sometime soon I hope. Report cards are looming in the very near future!!!


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