16 November 2010

Just clowning around!

This afternoon the children (and teachers) from Grades 2, 3 and 4 at East-West International School were treated to a fun performance by two crazy, clever clowns. Organised by one of my colleagues, the children watched two zany clowns from the Clowns Without Borders present an exciting performance. The children alternatively giggled and gasped as the clowns danced, acted and juggled their way through the afternoon. Some of the children even had a chance to participate!
Earlier today I was wondering what activity I would assign the children during our reading response time tomorrow morning, but I’m wondering no more. Instead of a reading response, this time I will ask the children to write and draw about this afternoon’s performance. We will brainstorm words that we could use to write about both what they saw and how they felt. It will be interesting to see what things they remember and which things they enjoyed the most. A big thank you to the guys from Clowns Without Borders for their performance and another one to Miss Nadia for organising the visit to EWIS.

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