27 November 2010

Little things mean a lot

This afternoon I was disturbed by someone knocking on my door. It was my landlady and her daughter. Her daughter is learning English and has helped us communicate on occasion. Today, she told me she thought there was something wrong with my moto. Ouch! Wonder what has happened. I thought I'd better investigate, but first I'd better get properly dressed! I love lazy Saturdays at home when I can be very casual about what I wear, but it's best to be modestly attired before leaving the house.

Anyway, suitably attired, and with keys, sunglasses and helmet in hand I headed downstairs where I quickly discovered that there was indeed a problem. My moto was leaking fuel all over the ground. OK! It's always better to discover these things during daylight than after dark, so I put helmet and sunglasses on, and pushed the bike out into the road. Fortunately for me the repair shop is probably only half a km away, so I walked the bike there. It did not take the guys there very long to pinpoint the source of the leak, a perished piece of hose, which was quickly repaired by snipping off the perished part and rejoining the fuel line. He also very helpfully put some much needed air in my tires and then sent me off to the fuel station at the end of the road to refill the tank! Praise God that I rarely have more than $2 worth of fuel in the tank, so the loss was not huge. Having been almost empty, I could have put $3 in this time, but I'm never quite sure, so just put the usual $2 worth in. Half a tank will get me to and from church tomorrow as well as a few other trips around town.

When I eventually got home, the landlady was out, but I do have a small gift to give her next time I see her. Little things like them climbing the stairs and knocking on my door to tell me actually mean a lot.

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