14 March 2012

Cambodian What Is It? 2 - The answer

Sorry, Wendy, but it is not a cup holder! It would be a very big cup. Thanks for commenting, and I think you may have a better idea of what it is than that.

There were plenty of folk who did get it though, and lots of "hands up".

Meet Chhouk. Rescued by Wildlife Alliance staff some years ago, he was missing part of his leg. The photo was his prosthesis (I suspect his old one, because he was wearing one at the same time as I took the original photo.). They suspect he was caught in a poachers trap at some point, and the loss of part of his leg was the consequence.

Students and staff at the Cambodiann School of Orthotics and Prosthetics were responsible for building his prosthesis. To find out more about this amazing example of the care provided for animals at Phnom Tamoa Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Centre, check out this link.
Just don't look at the comments below the article and video.

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  1. Actually it was hard to tell size from the photo, so I really didn't have any idea. Clever one Karen!


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