19 September 2012

Ten minute challenge

I'm taking up a friend's challenge to write for just ten minutes then post.

This morning was just another Tuesday. Headed upstairs at 7am to put my bits and pieces away and squeeze in a little grading before lessons started for the day. Back downstairs at 7.28 for bell time at 7.30am after which it was back up the stairs with my munchkins. A quick stop on the 3rd floor to remind some 3rd graders why we don't run in the building, then on to the 4th floor. Oops, the delay on the 3rd floor meant some of my kids had already interrupted the Khmer class to put their backpacks away. Sorry Mr Dy and 6th graders. That sorted and attendance taken, it was straight into work with a quick math test. Marked those this evening and discovered some areas I need to review. Next comes two hours of Language Arts (half the class doing English & half doing Khmer for one hour then swap).

Hooray, it's recess time and no-one has to stay in today. After that my students had music, so I got busy with some grading and organising for the next lessons. Also went to track down the self-adhesive contact I'd ordered for covering books from the classroom library to enhance their longevity. Soon the children were back and it was into Maths, followed by some silent reading, and house-keeping (mostly homework related).

Lunch (no duty today, so a quick meal then back to get ready for Social Studies). A fun Social Studies lesson looking at lines of latitude then it was time for swimming. 30 girls, and almost all of them were swimming again! Yay. Went more smoothly than last week as we'd reorganised the groups and got some extra spotters. I had 9 girls in the deep end and they all did really well. 30 minutes later and it's time to get out. Saw the students out the gates, then it was back upstairs for some book covering, marking papers and getting ready for tomorrow. Just as I was about to head home it started pouring rain, so I delayed a while.

And my time is up! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my day.


  1. Good job! Though hitting that enter key a few times may have made it easier to read.

    Did you go and put a link to your post on the original blog post?

    1. Done! Thanks. Not quite in the spirit of it, but definitely makes it easier for the reader so done anyway.

    2. I need to leave my editing tendencies at my work computer . . . oh hang on . . . that is the same computer. Sorry!

      But actually what I meant was, leave a link to your blog on the original post (not mine) that laid out the challenge, here: http://testosterhome.net/2012/09/ten-minute-tuesday-starts-now.html

    3. Never mind. My readers can always read the beginning of your post and follow the trail back if they like.


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