05 October 2012

Open House

Today we had our first ever Open House at EWIS. From 1.30pm to 2.30pm we opened up our school for parents to come and have a look at what goes on in the classrooms. I couldn't keep track of who had parents come this afternoon, but there were certainly enough that it was worth doing.

Chatting with the principal after school it was interesting to hear that more than one teacher had wondered why we hadn't done it before, so I suspect it will become a regular event on the school calendar.

This morning I was frantically putting together and getting copying approval of my class handbook. A little late, but it contained important information for parents about classroom procedures, homework, what we are going to learn, and how to contact the teacher, as well as our class schedule. Now the first one is done it will be much easier to update for future years. I just have to get a copy of the Khmer translation, so I can save it in a safe place. My poor assistant had to completely retype all of the material (even though it he had translated it last year) because unfortunately his computer had crashed and he no longer had last year's translations. Fortunately I had a hard copy! Next year I'll be able to send it home on the first day of school (at least that's the plan)!

It was also interesting to hear this afternoon some of the fun things that had been going on for parents to look at. In my classroom students were working in small groups on their "Create a Country" project. In one of the 2nd grade rooms there was a Science Fair happening. Fifth graders were peer teaching in one room and having a technology based lesson the other. I wish I'd been able to escape and go and visit some of the other classes.

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