27 October 2012

Getting a little culture

This evening I was privileged to attend a delightful concert in the Grand Ballroom of the Phnom Penh Hotel InterContinental. It was part of the 9th International Music Festival which runs for 5 days, with a 5 free concerts. I missed the first two, both being held in an auditorium on the other side of town in the evening, as will be the final concert, but the two over the weekend I am able to attend.

This evening I was treated to a selection of three compositions by the late King Norodom Sihanouk, followed by a trio from Georg Philipp Telemann, a voilin sonato by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, and finally another trio by Johann Joachim Quantz. Here's a glimpse of the musicians.
Notice the instrument on the left - a contralto recorder! Beautiful.

While this was a violin sonato, I did not envy the pianist at all. She did a brilliant job, and I'm sure the accompaniment was almost as challenging (or maybe more so) than the violin solo. Yes, I had a front row seat with a perfect view of the pianist's hands.

I loved this combination of instruments. Contralto recorder, flute, and cello, with very subtle piano accompaniament.
Alas, due to the fact that I didn't want to head for home much after 8.30pm (I was out alone and that's about my limit time wise), I didn't get to enjoy the second half of the concert, but I am looking forward to tomorrow's matinee Piano Recital. I wonder if I'll be able to get quite such a good seat. Even if I don't I'm sure I'll enjoy listening!

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