15 January 2013

Back again ...

Sometime in the last month this blog has clicked over the 10,000 views mark. OK, so that's not many in the land of blogging, but it's a milestone.

In view of that milestone, I thought I'd have a quick look at some stats.

Pageviews all time history: 10,146

Comments: 86

Most popular post: Welcome to Grade 4K (12 Sept 2011) - 1399 Pageviews

Most frequent traffic source: http://dedertfamily.blogspot.com/ (which is rather interesting because this blog is no longer being updated)

Reader locations (in order of volume): USA, Australia, Cambodia, Russia, UK, Canada, India, and heaps of other places.

Most frequent keyword search:
  • noise o meter,
  • classroom noise meter,
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So, let's do a quick update on what this blog is about.
I'm a middle-aged Australian, who heard God's call to serve overseas in my early 40s. I embarked on a major career change, after 20+ years working in various administrative roles for Queensland Health, and undertook graduate teacher training. I moved to Cambodia six years ago with two subjects and my major practicum still to be completed in my Graduate Diploma of Education (Middle Years). I finished my course, graduated in absentia, taught three and a half years in a Christian school in Phnom Penh, then transitioned to East-West International School where I'm currently teaching 4th grade.
In this blog I do a number of things. Initially I started this blog because I could not fit all my experiences into my bi-monthly/quarterly newsletters. Since then it has developed into a place where I not only share about what happens in my classroom - the good and the bad (but mostly the good), but share a little more of who I am. Sometimes I reflect on deeper issues that are impacting on my life. Other times I review books I've been reading. I also share snippets of what it's like living in Cambodia. Sometimes there are photos, sometimes, it's just me writing and thinking.
If you've read this far, can I ask you to do something for me? Would you make a comment to let me know what things you enjoy reading about? One of this year's resolutions is to get back to writing at least once a week. We will see if I can keep it up. Meanwhile, this day is almost done so it's time to post this and head for bed. Be sure to check back soon. I promise to post more in the near future.


  1. Congratulations. 10,000 is great! And you know that the real number of posts read is greater than that because the 10,000 won't reflect the people who read your posts through a reader.

    I love the school life posts and i also like the "what life is like in Cambodia" posts - anything that shows up the unique aspects of your very different life in your new country. Good work - and keep writing.

    1. Thanks Meredith. Love getting feedback.


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