23 July 2014

Another way you know you're on holidays ...

is when you get a head cold. That's not to say I don't get them other times, but somehow my body just seems to know that I'm on holidays and thinks it's OK to get sick. A friend commented on Facebook that something similar happened to her. I wonder if our immune system winds down a bit as well when we're relaxing. Maybe it's just that I'm in another country, and I'm being exposed to a whole new set of bugs and my body couldn't take it. Never mind, at least it's just a head cold with a bit of a cough. Unfortunately it's not always as easy to get the symptom relieving medicines you'd use at home in another country, but I'm hoping I've got something that will let me get a better night's sleep tonight.

Meanwhile I decided that, since I wasn't feeling so great, I'd just have a quiet day in the guesthouse and do another jigsaw puzzle. This one also had 300 pieces and cost me the very extravagant (not) price of 60 baht (not quite $2). I think it was easier than the one I did the other day. There were a few tricky bits, but I enjoyed doing it.

Now I'm happily working on a reading and reflection task before I head out to get some dinner. Then I really need to see if I can pack my bags. I made one purchase for school (for implement the Daily 5) that is going to be a bit tricky to fit in. Hopefully I can do it and they'll all get home to Phnom Penh without any damage.

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