14 July 2015

Shopping for school

One of the things I enjoy about being in Australia is the shopping. No-one looking over your shoulder every minute you are in the shop. Wandering in wide aisles, in air-conditioned comfort. Spotting bargains. The challenge is that I've only got 30kg of checked baggage and 7kg carryon to get it all back to Cambodia. This year I've been blessed with a couple of gifts of money to buy things for my students, and I'm really appreciative of those gifts. Here's some of the goodies I'll be taking back with me.
Slightly smaller than our existing sets, this set will be perfect for lower grades when I add a few more ones cubes to it.
Ones cubes are tiny, and so they get lost easily. Also we only had one hundred in each set which isn't quite enough for individual students to work with them. Now I've got an extra hundred tens (longs) and an extra two thousand ones so I'll be able to make our existing sets much more user friendly. Just need to remind teachers how hard it is to get these so they make sure students are careful to put all the pieces away carefully.

Aldi had these excellent non-fiction books on sale for just $2.49 (RRP $14.99) and I stocked up my sticker supply as well. These were just $2 per packet with either 240 or 384 stickers in each. 
 A big thank you to those who helped me buy these things. There's more in Brisbane to pack, but I'm hopeful it will all fit within my luggage allowance.

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