10 October 2015

Construction Progress

Since I last wrote things have been moving along with the centre building. There are now going to be five floors, with PE on the top (5th) floor. Hooray! I have to admit that I wasn't that excited about the thought of PE classes happening right outside my classroom. The 3rd and 4th floors will be vacant at the moment for potential expansion. The lower floors will be our eating area and a play area for the younger children (up to 2nd grade). There's going to be some shuffling of rooms in the elementary building as well, but at this stage I don't have to move! Hoping and praying that continues to be the case.

Meanwhile here are a few photos of what's being happening outside my windows.

Top left and right - almost ready to pour the 4th floor
Bottom left and right - and the pouring is done, just in time for the rain!

Anyone notice any problems here, apart from the poor quality of the photograph?
I should add that it just started raining as I took this.

Top left: This guy is obviously very important, but he certainly doesn't look excited about his work.
Top right: It's a bit hard to see, but the guy in blue is actually tapping on the framing, I suspect to make sure there are no air bubbles in the post, meanwhile the guys in the background are cleaning up a spill!
Bottom left: Cement pouring pipe in-coming.
Bottom right: Some major safety issues here. Note one of these workers is wearing rubber boots, a hard hat, and a harness which is secured to one of the rebar uprights inside the post that is being poured. The other worker is wearing flip flops, has no hard had, or safety harness, even though he's higher. A sad reflection on the value of life here.
Bottom left framing for the uprights.
Top and bottom right: Uprights set, framing removed ready for the next stage.
The forest of steel outside my classroom as they get ready to pour the next floor.
It's all very quiet outside my windows this week as the country observes Pchum Ben. Public holidays are officially from Sunday to Tuesday, but we're off until Friday, when we work one day and then get another weekend. No doubt there will be lots of action on the construction site once the holidays are over.

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