05 September 2009

Chamber Strings in Phnom Penh

On Friday night a friend and I enjoyed a great treat. The Tubingen Chamber Orchestra from Germany performed music from Mozart, Mendelssohn, Telemann, and Jaan Raats in a Phnom Penh auditorium to a packed house! I'm still not sure how we got tickets, but our music teacher at school had managed to procure 20 tickets, and on short notice there were not a lot of people able to attend. By the time my friend arrived it was standing room only. Fortunately we got a spot leaning against one of the side walls, and then a gentleman rearranged his children so that my friend and I were able to sit down. Even if we'd had to stand for the whole performance it would have been worth it. By the time it finished it was raining again, but fortunately I didn't have very far to ride home in the rain. I've been trying to load a picture, but it doesn't want to happen, so I guess I'll just post this without.

School is going well, with plenty to keep me occupied. The children are really enjoying the variety of songs I have to use in the classroom, and they make a great break in between lessons, especially when they give opportunity for actions or playing air guitar (I've got a few who do a great job at this). Colin Buchanan and Doug Horley songs go down really well, and so do some others I've had for many years.

Well, I've got put music together for this afternoon, and time is fast getting away. Chatting on Skype is great, but it does take time. Still it's time well spent, keeping in touch with friends and family and I had great lines today!

Bye for now


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