02 September 2009

Rain, rain and more rain

Wow, I think it has rained every day this week, and consequently the temperatures have been delightfully low (mid-high 20s) instead of low 30s. I love it. I think this a result of coming from so many years of drought in Southern Queensland, especially the Toowoomba area. I love the sound of the rain on the tin roofs, even though sometimes you have to send text messages to communicate with someone only 6 feet away because it's soooo lound. I don't love riding my moto in the rain, but it's something you do, and I just have take extra care, especially when it comes to avoiding potholes, which frequently appear in the roads without warning. Our cement road seems to be holding up well to the rainy season, but the point where it connects to the bitumen road at the end is not so great. Still, it's lovely to have the rain, although those whose homes regularly flood don't tend to agree with me.

My staff devotion last week was well received. It was great to just praise God for who He is and all He has done for us. Several people commented that they had enjoyed it.

Well, I'm back on music again for church, only this month I have someone else to play piano and I get to sing, so I'm quite excited about that. We welcomed our new pastors to ICF last Sunday, and we are looking forward to seeing how things move in the coming months. I'm sure God will do great things.

This week has been interesting. As I became increasingly stressed last week, I realised that, once again, I was trying to do this job in my own strength. Yep, relying on my own organisational skills, training and ability to do a job that I can't do on my own. It was amazing the relief I sensed when I confessed to this, and have once again made a concerted effort to start each day by placing it in God's hands, and giving Him a chance to speak to me. It's not easy, as I'm not a morning person these days, and I have to be at school, in the room ready for devotions at 7.30am. Got to keep working and trusting Him to help me with this.

Finally, the fourth grade students presented Elementary Chapel on Tuesday morning this week. The music teacher had been teaching our chosen songs to all the other grades as well, so they went really well, and the kids did a great job. Sorry, no photos. Must remember to take some next time! Praise God for his guidance in planning and for making things run smoothly. It was also great having someone else looking after the sound equipment for me so I could focus on helping the kids with their presentation.

OK, better go and listen to some rain drops as I fall asleep.


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  1. Great way to stay in touch - love reading your updates


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