18 February 2011

Getting fit, losing weight, take two!

Back in July, after the budget challenging loading of a 20% surcharge on my health insurance premium (international one that is) simply because my BMI was too high, I determined that I had to lose some weight and gain some fitness. When I returned to Phnom Penh in late July I joined a gym, which wasn't cheap, but I felt that I had to do something drastic. I did really well for a while, and managed to lose about 6kg, but then the busyness of school, and just the mere effort required in getting there (I've got a shorter route home now that doesn't go past the gym), along with several respiratory tract infections over the course of the last 4 months has resulted in me being totally slack, and not making any progress. Yes, I know it's not a good idea to exercise when you have a cold virus, but I just keep on putting off going back.

I've become increasingly aware that I really needed to make a change and get back into some healthier activities and eating, so today I visited and signed up at another gym. This one is only a 5 minute bicycle ride from my house, and I didn't sign up for "off peak" membership, so I'm able to go anytime between 6am and 9pm (which in reality means I can go any time after school). The location was a big part of the attraction, since it means I can come home first and dump anything I've brought home from school, and then only take the bare essentials to the gym. Another attraction was the pool, which is only 15m long, but that's long enough to do laps in, and it was sparkling clean, but you couldn't smell the chlorine! I had my first swim this afternoon, and it was good. Actually, I'm hoping the swimming might help me get over the respiratory infections better as well. The water was cool (a bit of a shock to get into) but really a pleasant temperature for swimming laps.

Ideally I should go 5 times a week, but I'm going to be realistic and aim for a minimum of 3 times a week. That way if I do more than that, then I'll be able to feel really good about the achievement. Now to think of a suitable reward if I can do it for a whole month. I think if I do that, as well as make a few small changes to my diet, I'm hopeful I can lose about 1kg a week. That will put me back at the upper end of "normal" for my height by the time I have to renew my health insurance again. Prayers for the self-discipline required to achieve this goal, as well as encouragement are welcome. If you'd like to join me and challenge yourself at the same time as I'm challenging myself, that would be really encouraging too!

Here's to improved fitness and weight loss.

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