20 June 2011

Moving house Cambodian style!

Hooray, I'm moved! No more 20 minute moto rides to or from school each day (more in peak hours). I can walk to school. The last two weeks have been somewhat hectic, but thanks to some great help from a very good friend, I'm happy to say the move was accomplished with no disasters. I was very grateful for the loan of a truck from the owner of our school, along with a driver, and the help of some of the guards/van assistants and our PE teaching assistant. It took two loads, but we were all done by 1pm. I then took all my helpers that I could out for lunch, which they really enjoyed, and gave them a small (by Australian standards) cash payment for their help. They all walked away with big smiles on their faces. Here are a few snaps of the second truckload. I will admit that "Yes, I have a lot of stuff!".
Cheerful workers! Note that table has a glass top!

No, we didn't lose anything along the way.

Casualties were minor as far as I know. I still haven't opened the "glasses" box, but I'm hopeful.
So far my bedroom is almost organised and the living room is reasonably presentable, although there are still some items that need to be unpacked for that room. I have my computer and printer set up, so I'm able to get some school work done as well as communicate with the world. My goal is to having everything unpacked and put away by next Sunday afternoon. We'll see how we go. It took me two weeks and a motivating helper to get the packing done, but I'd really like to be fully set up by the end of next weekend. I think it's doable!

Thanks to all who have helped with the move, either financially or in prayer, or in practical ways (like inviting me over for dinner or going out for dinner with me or helping with the move or packing!). God is very good to me, and I thank Him for providing all the assistance that I needed, and for giving me the strength I needed as well.

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