10 June 2011

One week to go!

No, there's two weeks until the end of school, but just one more week until I move house!

I'm really excited about this move. I will be living just one block from school, so no more twice daily trips across town in peak hour traffic. The new apartment is also completely separate from both the apartment above and the apartment below, so I'm hoping that I won't have to endure some of the smells and noise that I do currently, where the kitchen has "walls" that are open above about 7 feet to the internal staircase up from the ground floor (which is open to their kitchen). At least not as often anyway! Also, if I accidentally leave something at home, I will be able to go home and get it. Currently that would take the better part of an hour, so I just have to do without, and that hasn't always been ideal or pleasant.

However, between now and then, life is going to be busy, busy, busy! Tomorrow is my own, but Sunday afternoon I have a colleague's wedding to attend. On Tuesday afternoon, report cards will go home, Wednesday afternoon I pick up the keys and pay the first two weeks rent, and on Thursday we have our Grade 1 to 8 end of year concert. Sometime Thursday or Friday the air-conditioning and hot water units will be installed, so I'll have to find time to check those as well. I'm definitely not going to have time to be bored.

Praise God for His provision of sufficient finances to cover the costs associated with this move. He is good, and He provides all we need, and even meets needs we neglect to give Him, but try to handle ourselves. God is good. Nothing I could do could ever make me good enough for Him, but He loves me anyway, and cares for me in ways beyond my wildest imaginings. Thank you God!

The highlight of this week was the arrival of our Scholastic Bookclub orders yesterday morning. The children were greatly excited by that. There was some frustration with the number of "out of stock" items, but in the end most of the children who ordered books received them. We're looking forward to a truly "international" catalogue next school year, with the hope that there will be no "unavailable" items and less "out of stock" items.

Well, I'd better go and get those grades finalised and into the computer so I can finish the report cards off tomorrow! Maybe I'll pack a box or two tonight as well. We'll see.


  1. Living close to school is fantastic. You'll love it! I so glad you have the opportunity, even if it comes at a relatively bad time!

    What Bookclub are you shifting to? CAJ uses Scholastic and yes, sometimes we are frustrated.

  2. Thanks Wendy. Yes, I'll be able to use the pool at school for exercise too!

    We use Scholastic too. Scholastic are introducing a new "International" club with the new school year, and so we are hoping that things will be better. We just have to sort out making sure the forms actually get to us.

  3. Funny - I have been praying about where the Lord would lead in this season, and while "messing around" on the computer, googled "teaching" and "Cambodia" and your blog came up. Could be a "God thing", so just asking for some insight into what the Lord is doing in Cambodia right now and also, the possibility of employment with a Masters (US) in Education (primarily teaching History and English Lit) as well as a CELTA. Thanks for any help you might have to offer - Jan O'C USA e-mail = janoc1@sbcglobal.net


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