03 September 2011

Week One

It's hard to believe the first week of school has already come and gone, but it's true. It was a good week. This year I have 21 students, 8 girls and 13 boys. All of the students in my class were at the school last year (although not all in my class), so I already know their names, which is really helpful. With that many boys, it is definitely a lively class, and will keep me on my toes, but they are great kids.

The first week has gone really well. The children were excited to be back at school, and there were quite a few cheers when those children in my class found out that I would be their teacher (always an encouraging sign). We've started getting some routines in place, our behaviour management system is operating well, homework has been started, and we've started our learning some of the things on the fourth grade curriculum. Sometime soon I'll take some photos of the new classroom and post them here, and I'll start writing again about individual lessons and some of the things that are happening. For now, it's great to be able to say the new year has begun well, and I'm looking forward to the coming weeks and months with the children.


  1. Hello Karen.

    I found your blog via Wendy (On the Edge of Ordinary) and have been quietly reading your posts for a while. I really enjoyed this post. I was a primary school teacher for 15 years and am at home with children now. I haven't taught for a few years and most probably won't go back to teaching but this post really captured the excitement of the start of school from a teacher's perspective - the fresh start and the joy of setting things up for the year. It made my "teacher's heart" beat just a little bit faster. Thanks for sharing this moment. When I sign off I will pray for a good year of teaching and that God will use you and bless you well.

    God bless,

  2. Thanks Meredith for both your encouraging words and your prayers. I nearly didn't write this post as I wanted to include photos, so I'm really glad I did now. Glad you enjoyed it.


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