15 May 2010

Making Memories

This afternoon was about sharing fun time with a good friend. First we met at my place and found ourselves a tuk-tuk. Then we headed across town to do a couple of quick jobs. Part of the afternoon's fun was just spending time together, chatting and laughing. Tuk-tuk rides are a great time/place to do that. Then we headed to Psah Toul Tom Pong, where I was happy to find a wedding present to take back to Australia relatively quickly and for a fair price. IT was sooo hot in the markets that we relatively quickly made our way to a place called Tropical Oasis, where first task was to order a drink (and snack) and then head upstairs for some pampering. We tried to take pictures of the process, but they didn't come out so well, but here's the finished product. The neck and should massage was good too!

After pampering was over, we decided to head to our chosen dinner spot. Actually it was chosen for us by the Logos Parents' Association who in appreciation of all the teachers had done provided each of us with a gift voucher for a meal at Vietnamese Restaurant. When we arrived we were delighted by the garden setting downstairs, but opted to retreat to airconditioned comfort upstairs. For starters there were deep fried spring rolls. Yummy, and the presentation was excellent. Let me make your mouth water.

As we waited for these to arive we ordered the rest of our meal, which came an appropriate amount of time after the entree. As we perused the menu, I was fascinated to see Kangaroo appearing several times, inclucing Kangaroo Luk Lak. If you have a close look you'll notice you can also order crocodile or ostrich meat , or maybe eel takes your fancy, as well as the more usual pork, chicken, fish or squid.
I finally decided on grilled beef with garlic, and a side order of mixed vegetables to share, along with the essential steamed rice. It was definitely a good choice. My friend order a Tom Yam, and was sure that the meal she received would have satisfied both of us. Here is some of the deligthful array of food presented to us, pleasing to both the eyes and the palate.
It was a great to end a fun afternoon with a delicious meal and a time of good fellowship. Thanks to the LPA for the delicious meal, and thanks to my friend for inviting me to share this fun afternoon with her. After dinner it was time to find a tuk-tuk and head for home. An afternoon and evening to remember. Memories were definitely made. It's good to know that there will be more opportunities to make good memories with this friend as we both continue to serve our Lord in Cambodia.

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