03 May 2010

Keeping the wheels on the road

OK, the answer is no! Most emphatically not! I have not been doing wheelies on my moto, and nor have I been having accidents! God has been very gracious in keeping me safe as I travel on the roads of Phnom Penh. However, yesterday as I was leaving church I flicked my indicator on to leave the property and nothing happened. I tried the other way, and still nothing. Hmmm. Now what's going on here. I managed to get safely home, and knowing the importance of being able to tell other drivers what you intend to do (even if they don't do the same for you) I decided that an early start to Monday morning was in order, with a visit to the local moto mechanic. Fortunately when I arrived there was no-one else there, but they were ready to go, so first the indicators where fixed. Then, since the front of the bike was off, I asked if they could replace the dash cover (supposedly clear, but after 4 years of exposure to the sun and weather it was pretty much opaque, so while I could just see if I have lights on, what gear I was in, and roughly what speed I was doing, I couldn't see much else). That bought the total bill to $5. Then, as he was putting the front back together, I contemplated yet another crack appearing in the seat. The weather had got to it too, and so when they said they could replace it, and the cost was just $3, I said, let's do it. So for $8, I can now read all the instruments (speedo, odometer, gears, indicators etc very clearly, the indicators are working properly again, and I have a "new" seat. And all this happened before 7.10am, so I was still at school on time!

By the way, we had electricity all day today, and fully air-conditioned classrooms. Our transformer was finally brought on line on Saturday, so life at school is much more comfortable. It is definitely easier to teach when you are not drippy with perspiration, and I'm sure it's easier for the children to learn. Praise God that this has happened at last. In His Time. There is no doubt that the time of doing without makes us appreciate what we have now.


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