21 May 2010

On the downhill run

With just 3 days of classes to go, life is feeling somewhat hectic. This week has been a good one in many ways. It's been a busy week, with staff meeting on Monday, to tell us all the tings we have to do before we can leave! Now that is somewhat daunting. Pray that God will help me do what is required without becoming overwhelmed and without being a pain to others. Tuesday was a long, hot day, with no electricity for 3 hours in the morning and another couple of hours in the afternoon. Wednesday was a better day electricity wise, at least until 1.30pm when we lost power just minutes before my students came back from PE. That day I spent time talking with a special lady about what I've been going through, and how God is challenging me, without ending up in tears. God is teaching me many things, but most of all He's teaching me that His love is way beyond anything I have ever known, and He wants me to experience it more deeply.

Thursday and Friday were more long hot days. Just because we have a transformer that provides enough power to run our facility doesn't mean we don't lose power. Now we just lose it because the state electricity doesn't have enough power to meet all the needs and so they do rolling blackouts. Today I had the computer lab booked for the first 2 hours of the day, for students to work on their PowerPoint presentations, and the power went out promptly at 8.15am. It came back on around 10.45am, so I quickly organised my students into the computer lab and the library (not enough computers in the lab for all of them) and we took advantage of a half hour before 3rd grade was scheduled for their computer lesson. We had been back in the classroom about 2 minutes when the power went off again, and didn't return until about 1.45pm. As frustrating as this is for me and my students, I have even greater sympathy for our high school students who are writing their final exams this week and next.

On Tuesday my students were required to turn in their "History Pockets" and most students had them ready. I'd forgotten to remind them on Monday (although I had reminded them at the end of last week) and so there were a few students who had been so busy working on their research reports they'd forgotten to do their pockets. They've all been graded now (except for one student who has been sick), and I was generally pleased with their efforts. There's a lot to be said for making sure the rubric is written at the same time as the assignment is set.

Today all the Research Reports were handed in, so this weekend's priority task is to read and grade those. I also hope to get Math and Science grades finalised this weekend. It's going to be a busy one. Specialist grades are slowly coming in - got  the PE, Music & ESL grades. Still waiting for Art & Khmer. Bible will have one last Memory Verse quiz on Monday, and then I can finalise that one. Language Arts and Social Studies can't be finalised until after the Presentations on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking of presentations, after this week's nightmare electricity supply (or lack there of) we have decided to relocate for our presentations to a place where hopefully we will have a reliable supply. Not mentioning where.

It's hard to believe that in just 7 days time I will officially be finished my employment with Logos International School. This chapter in my life is ending, and a new one will begin in August. Praise God that He has enabled me to get through these last three months, and that I will be able to finish without too many regrets. It's always easy to look back and say, "I could have done this better or that better", but that really isn't helpful. What is much more helpful is to look forward to the new experiences and know that God has brought me to this new chapter, and that He will provide all I need to serve Him as I continue to grow in my trust of Him and in the security of His love.

Time for bed. 12 sleeps to go before I'm leaving on a jet plane! Good night.

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