22 July 2010

Coming Home

What is it that makes a place home? I’m not sure, but I do know that as I flew into Phnom Penh yesterday evening it was with a sense of excitement to be coming home! After seven weeks away, it’s good to be back living in a place where I know where everything is, and if it’s not where it should be then that’s probably because I didn’t put it away. I think that “home” is a place where you feel like you belong (even if you are different to many of the people there), a place you can call your own (even if it’s rented), with your own bed, some favourite books, and the knowledge that you have friends around you. There’s a different type of “home” as well, which is the country you were born in (often called your “passport country” among expats), and where most of your family & probably extended family live. I’ve been there, and yes, it was “home” but not the same as the place where I live my daily life and work and worship.

Today has been a good day, picking up the moto, getting the oil changed & putting air in the tyres, then off to do some visiting. First I went to one place to see if a friend was there, but found out she’s on holidays, so I went and visited her at home. It was good to see her, and hear that her new school is growing. Sadly she hadn’t been well (dengue fever strikes again) but she is recovering, so that’s good. Next I rode out to my old school to check on mail, and just say Hi to a few people, and the welcome I received was special. Then I phoned a special friend, and went to visit her. It turned out to be great timing. We enjoyed chatting on the roof, and then sharing lunch together with her boys plus an extra. After that I headed back into town to pick up some mail which was actually waiting for me at my first stop, as well as some other things which had been in storage while I’d been away. Next stop was a local grocery store for a few essential (and non-essential) items before heading home.

Since then I have been enjoying reading a brand new book! It’s called The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews and you’ll just have to wait to find out more, as I will be reviewing it in this blog very shortly. Yep, that’s what was in the mail that was waiting for me to collect. Actually, I got a pleasant surprise when I found they had actually sent me two copies – one for me and one for a friend – so I’m still considering who I might give the other copy to, but know that someone in Cambodia is going to enjoy it (maybe several someones). I think I’ll finish reading it and write the review before I finally decide.

Well time is marching on, and I really want to see what happens next in my book so I’ll finish for tonight. Praise God for good times in Australia and Thailand, and praise Him too for bringing me safely home to Phnom Penh. Praise Him too that one day He will return to take us to our final and forever home, with Him for eternity, meanwhile, I pray that I will live for Him in my current home in a way that brings glory to Him.

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