25 July 2010

Sunday in Cambodia

I love that I go to church at 4.00pm.  That gives me the rest of the day to procrastinate over the things that I "should" be doing, or to enjoy catching up with family and friends on Skype, e-mail and Facebook, have a sleep in, and enjoy reading for pleasure.
It was good to get back to ICF this afternoon, after a break of about 7 weeks, but it was also a bit difficult, knowing that there would be several people missing, who won't be back anytime soon, having gone on home assignment. Still there was a good number of people gathered together to worship our Lord, and to hear the message Pastor Richard had to share with us.
After church I headed to a favorite restaurant for dinner, and now I'm home and procrastinating as I try and decide what I really should do before my helper arrives tomorrow morning (at the moment it looks like I've done very little for the last 2 days or so). I have actually been doing some research among other things, but there's nothing concrete to show for it, apart from chaos, so I'd better go and get on with it.
Meanwhile, God reminded me this evening just how much He cares for me, in an e-mail that I received and have copied here.

He Sings Over You
Posted: 24 Jul 2010 11:01 PM PDT
“The Lord God is like a sun and shield; the Lord gives us kindness and honor.” Psalm 84:11
Rejections are like speed bumps on the road. They come with the journey . . . You can’t keep people from rejecting you. But you can keep rejections from enraging you. How? By letting God’s acceptance compensate for their rejection.
When others reject you, let God accept you. He is not frowning. He is not mad. He sings over you. Take a long drink from His limitless love.

Let's all do as the author suggests and focus on God's acceptance rather than the rejection of people. Trust me it hasn't all been rejection, and I'm very thankful for a number of great friends as well as my family who accept me as God made me, but it's very easy to focus on the rejection instead of God's loving acceptance. Praise Him for this timely reminder today.

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