27 July 2010

Life's about learning and second chances

Did you ever sit down with a textbook (not a novel) and find it so good that you couldn’t wait to find out what you were going to learn next? The last day or two I’ve been reading a book like that. I’m not finished it yet, and there are definitely bits that I’m going to reread, but this book has my attention. What is it? Not telling just yet.
At the Refresh! program I recently attended in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we had opportunity to complete a Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment, and to learn something about how our personality types, and those of people we work with, might be affecting both our personal lives and our ministry. As we were working through the material, I remember having moments when I thought, “so that’s why I prefer to do things that way”. After the session, the leader told me that she would like to talk with me specifically about my score and how it might impact on my new job. It was a few days before we managed to do this, but I really valued the insights that were shared with me, especially about how colleagues, parents and students who have substantially different personality types to mine may perceive me, and what happens in my classroom. At the time it was suggested that maybe it would be helpful to me, as I transition to a new classroom in a new school, to do some more reading on this.

This weekend I decided to do that, and after some digging on the internet discovered an article which seemed really relevant. After I’d read the article, which made a lot of sense, I discovered that the authors had written a book called “Differentiation Through Personality Types”, which seemed like it might be really helpful. I followed up on the book, and am now busily reading it, and thinking about how I can apply what I’m ready in my new classroom.

Most teachers will tell you that different children learn in different ways, and that catering for all the different ways can drive you crazy. Something that I’m learning at the moment is how I can change some of the things I do in the classroom, or even just the way I do things, so that all the children in my class are better able to learn, and to learn well. I knew that change was needed, but had no idea how to make the change, and I was also very afraid that it wouldn’t happen, and the consequences of that type of failure were overwhelming. I praise God for what He is teaching me right now, both about myself, and about the children I will be teaching. I praise Him for guiding me down the path of learning that I’m currently on, and for showing me a framework that will help me understand both my students and myself better. It is a framework that will allow me to continue to use the strengths that He has given me, while also allowing Him to take my weaknesses and work in my life to bring about His glory.

The words written by Darlene Zschech in the “The Potter’s Hand” are my prayer for this coming school year as I take hold of the second chance that God has given me:

Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour,
know for sure, all of my days are

Held in your hand,
Crafted into your perfect plan.

You gently call me into your presence
Guiding me by your Holy Spirit,
Teach me dear Lord,
To live all of my life
Through your eyes

I’m captured by your holy calling
Set me apart,
I know you’re drawing me to yourself
Lead me, Lord, I pray

Take me, mould me,
Use me, fill me.
I give my life to the Potter’s hand.
Call me, guide me,
Lead me, walk beside me
I give my life to the Potter’s hand.
By Darlene Zschech © 1997 Hillsongs Australia

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