09 July 2010

Flight of the Gibbon

I’m soooo sore and I think I’m going to be even sorer tomorrow or the next day, but I wouldn’t trade how I feel for not having the experience that I had this afternoon.

I’m grateful for God allowing me to participate in an amazing experience in the jungle in the mountains outside Chiang Mai. A group of ten people attending the Refresh Retreat, aged from 12 to 60+, were driven for about an hour into the mountains, where we had a wonderful experience. We enjoyed breathtaking views of God’s creation, as we walked and “flew” through the rainforest canopy for more than 2km.



When we arrived, we were outfitted with safety harnesses and helmets, stowed our belongings in lockers, and headed off into the jungle. I’ll admit there were moments when I was scared (being a hundred feet or more above the ground and dependent on a series of cables, ropes, harnesses, etc will do that for you), but it was a fear that I conquered, and consequently had a never to be forgotten afternoon. It truly was an amazing, if scary, feeling to fly through the air, and to observe the rainforest around you. We also walked across suspension bridges high in the canopy, and dropped about 100ft on a rope. The climb back to the starting point at the end was almost too much for my unfit body, but I was very kindly rescued by a man on a moto who saved my poor legs many climbing steps.

The whole experience was truly an exercise in trust, as I placed my life in the hands of the guides. If I can go through an experience like this, trusting men, cables and equipment, how much more can I trust our all powerful, all knowing God to continue to lead me through His plan for my life? Here’s the proof that I actually did do it!

Flying High

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