17 July 2011

God leads ...

One of the things that I do here in Phnom Penh is lead worship at the ICF once a month at the 4pm service. Originally I was just the pianist, but about 2 years ago I was asked to lead services occasionally, and it seemed that God has given me a gift in this area. I was hesitant, but willing, and over time God has shown me again and again, that if I am open to Him, He will guide me in exactly the right direction.

This weekend I was leading and playing, but I got distracted during the week, so it was Thursday evening before I started putting the service together. All I knew was that our guest preacher was preaching on Psalm 23. I prayed, and asked God to guide me, and proceeded to select a number of songs and arrange the service. I e-mailed if off, and then continued with other things. Yesterday I actually did some piano practice (well on the keyboard, but better than nothing), then this morning I finished off the planning.

One of the songs I had chosen is an older song by Geoff Bullock, titled "Have Faith in God". I'm not sure why now, but I googled his name, and discovered that he had rewritten some of the lyrics to this song. The new lyrics are even better than the old ones. You can find them here. What I like so much about them is that the focus is now even more on the God that we have faith in, and His mercy and grace. As I sat listening to the sermon, it struck me how perfectly this song went with the message. I couldn't have done that. Only God can do things like that. I'm so glad He is in control, especially when it comes to planning and leading worship. I may not be the world's greatest musician (trust me, I am far from it), but I'm willing to serve God with the abilities and training He has given me, and I continue to see His blessing as I trust Him to lead.

If God wants you to do something, then trust Him and do it, because He will supply all you need to do whatever He asks of you.


  1. Hi Karen,
    What a great story of God's empowerment. This is one I needed to read because just an hour ago I was thinking about how I have to translate a message by a well known speaker from English into Turkish at a church next week, and I don't feel very competent myself. Thanks

  2. Thanks "Olive Tree". I wasn't even going to post but something or SomeOne prompted me to. Now I know why. Our God is an AWESOME God.


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