15 July 2011

Summer School is over

English Summer School is over, and I'm officially on holidays. I took the opportunity this morning to get a photo of almost all the children attending (from Preschool to Grade 5). We had 24 children in Grades 3 to 5 and the rest were in Preschool to Grade 2. We finished our three weeks with a Science Fair, where the children shared some of what they had done and learned with each other and with the parents who were able to come. It was exciting to see a number of parents coming along this morning to see what their children had been doing. A big thank you to Miss Tabi for all her organisation, and also to the office staff, who took all the enrolments and fielded questions. Another big thank you needs to go to the Khmer staff, who do an excellent job, and finally thanks to my special team - Miss Mary and Ms Lyda! Starting next Monday, some of the children will attend Khmer Summer School, which will go for three weeks, while the rest of us enjoy a break. Summer Science Spectacular has brought many happy memories. I hope you've enjoyed the snippets I've been able to share with you!

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