11 July 2011

Summer School fun continues - Air cars

Part of our summer school fun has been experimenting with different materials and seeing what we can do with them. One popular activity the first week was making "air cars". After several trials of following the book's instructions, my co-teacher consulted one of our science teachers and they came up with the design which we used. Pretty easy and lots of fun!

What you need:
  • CDs, balloons, cardboard, scissors and plenty of tape!
Two important things to watch out for:
  • There must be a seal between the balloon and cardboard collar and the CD.
  • Make sure no tape goes through to the bottom side of the CD.
Blowing these balloons up is really hard work!

Can she do it?

Will it work?

Whose car will go furthest?

Demolition derby!

Yes, the girls were successful too!

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