21 November 2009

Adventures and frustrations

Today I decided to take a day off and head over to the other side of town to do some shopping. My first stop was Cambodian-Japanese Vocational Training Centre where they produce some wonderful woodwork. I discovered that they produced the delightful classroom furniture used at ISPP (where I did my final teaching practicum), as well as both Cambodian & European dolls house and many other wooden toys. The reason I had gone was because I had heard that they made wooden Nativity sets, and I was interested to see what they were like and whether they would be suitable for my classroom. I was really impressed with the quality of the work, and so I came away considerably poorer in $ but rich in a 36 piece nativity set (including some somewhat unusual pieces). I've already enjoyed setting it up on the floor at home, and look forward to setting it up in my classroom on 1st December 2009.

When I left there, I was planning to head to one of the local markets, but not wanting to backtrack I decided just to follow the road I was on. Hmmm. It was an interesting ride. I ended up outside the city, and I actually have no real idea of where I went, except that I enjoyed being out in the countryside, and eventually managed to find an English sign that told me I was going further out of town, so I turned around and eventually found my way back into town, and to one of the newer malls in town where I found a 2nd hand book sale, and lunch. Having satisfied my hunger I headed back down to the market that I originally intended going to, and purchased a copy of one of my favourite movies "Sound of Music" which I'm enjoying as I write this. One unfortunately consequence of my unplanned ride in the country is sunburnt arms. Ouch, I could do without this.

I managed to be home in time for my 3pn appointment with the plumber, who eventually turned up at 5 to 6pm, and despite changing three pieces of hardware my shower is still not working properly. It seems like something must be blocking the pipes somewhere because the water flow is down to a trickle, and it has worked properly in the past. Hmm. Not sure what to do next. I guess I'll have to call the landlord, but finding a time that is convenient for both of us is a challenge. Nothing is ever easy, but at least I know that God will be with me through it all. I'm also very grateful for the assistance of our Facilities Manager atschool. He's a wonderful Christiam man who takes great delight in sharing his love of the Lord with his staff and his family.

Well, it's time for bed, so I'll sign off and hope tomorrow is a productive day.


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