27 November 2009

It can't be almost December

Oh yes it can! It is! And it's scary. This time in 3 weeks school will be finished for the day and the Christmas break and I'll be frantically packing boxes! Much of the school will have moved on that day, and the rest is supposed to go the next day. Yep, we are on track to move into our new facilities on 18th & 19th December. But that's three weeks away. There's so much to happen between now and then.

First of all let me backtrack.Sunday was a relaxed day and I enjoyed dinner with a new friend. The rest of the week has flown by in a blur of preparation, teaching, grading papers, and dealing with other stuff. I still can't have a shower in my own bathroom (not enough water pressure) and am hoping and praying that the landlord will fix the situation tomorrow (but I'm not holding my breath). At least the electricity is working, the roof is on, and secure, and life is pretty much normal.

So what's ahead? Whole elementary school Christmas program rehearsals started today, and we have two more next week (Tuesday and Friday). Tuesday the 4th grade class will lead chapel for the elementary school, and then we'll have our second practice after chapel is over. In addition to that, I've got a mountain of grading to do, in order to have report cards written and ready to hand out on Friday 18th November. It's going to take a lot of self-discipline to get them done on time, so pray that I can focus on the grading and use my time wisely. In addition to that, I've still got to teach the vegemites something during the next 3 weeks, so I'm going to be busy doing my usual planning, preparation, teaching and grading as well.

On Saturday 19th December my stuff will move to the new school building and I'll be able to start setting up my new classroom. It's a scary thought, but exciting too.

On 20th December my sister and her husband will arrive in Cambodia for Christmas! I'm really looking forward to that. It will be great to have family for Christmas, and also for them to see something of where I live and the work that I'm doing. Unfortunately they won't get to meet most of my kids as school will be out while they are here, but I'm sure they'll meet a few of them.

That's all folks


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