07 November 2009

Hooray, we have electricity

Actually, we had it yesterday. What's even better is that it hasn't gone out at all today. Next step will be to move the refrigerator back to it's proper place, and hopefully the power will stay on.

The roof sheeting has finally been delivered this afternoon, and they have take away all of the old roof, so it won't become a haven for rats or cockroaches. I haven't been up to take photos of the progress, but will do that tomorrow morning before they arrive. It's probably going to be a few more days before it is finished, but hopefully they will leave at lunchtime tomorrow so I can go to church in the afternoon.

There are things happening at school that are making life very difficult for me personally at the moment, which I won't go into here. I'm working on trusting God to help with these issues, but it's not coming easily at the moment. As a friend said to me last night, I know the truth, but having the faith to believe it and  live it out is a real struggle at times.

Looks like it's going to rain again this evening. Last night it started spitting as I was heading out to my friends for the evening. I'd probably been there 10 minutes (long enough to unload the bike and get it locked up), when it just poured down. Good timing! It was good to spend time in a relaxed environment with my friends. Tonight I'm hoping for a quiet evening meal at a favorite restaurant, stopping for some groceries on the way home.

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