05 November 2009

Small progress is better than no progress

Yep, we did have some progress in the electricity saga today. The landlord and electrician turned up and began to investigate the situation. Definietly a short circuit somewhere, but finding where proved a real challenge. They tried replacing a light fitting and a powerpoint with no success, and so they finally decided that they will need to rewire the whole downstairs part of the house. Wow! What's even more exciting is that they are planning for this to happen tomorrow. There is also a plan to put an external power outlet in for the roofing construction, hopefully not connected to the top floor circuit (I think I'll unplug the computer equipment tonight just in case). Meanwhile they did put together a temporary long extension lead so that my housemate can at least run a light and a fan tonight. Since we could run it along the wall, and up through the window, without going across any walkways or staircases, we agreed to this with thankfulness.

Today also saw the tap in the kitchen replaced, which had been dripping (and at times running) constantly for the last week. The taps here are a different design to those at home, and they don't seem to have washers that can be easily replaced, but rather the whole tap assemby has to be replaced.

Devotions this morning went OK, and so I'm glad that's over for another six weeks or so. The rest of the school day also went well, despite the lack of sleep (preparing for devotions) and preparation (I had done some planning, although not a lot). On a lighter note, the children in my class enjoyed a chuckle this morning when the Elementary principal, dropping in for some informal observation, managed to crack the corner off the sheet of glass on top on the table that he had chosen to perch on! (The glass he cracked is 7mm thick plate glass, so it must have taken soem force to do it, or maybe just leaning on the wrong spot at the right angle). Fortunately no harm was done other than to the glass table top (no torn clothes or cuts), but it did create a diversion for a moment or two. He really will have to be careful what he chooses to sit on in the future!

Well, I really must get an early night tonight. Hopefully the roofing & fencing will be back in action tomorrow as well, at least that's the plan.



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