28 February 2010

Another HOT week

I safely returned to Phnom Penh on Monday afternoon, having stretched my funds to cover the weekend, and even having some left at the airport. I was very grateful for a ride from Phnom Penh airport from the father of one of my previous students, who just happened to be on the same plane as me, and was being picked up by his driver. Praise God for His provision for small details.

I managed to get through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a minimum of preparation. Between having taught the material before, and power cuts, things went OK. Friday we headed out to Northbridge for the Invitational Track meet, which was lots of fun for the kids, and when we returned I started showing "Mary Poppins", until the power went out. Fortunately it wasn't out long and we were able to continue, but I've had to promise to show the rest of it at a future date, since we only got about half we through it. The children were loving it!

The weather here is definitely moving into the hot season, with the thermometer usually hitting 30 degrees Celsius by about 10am. Humidity ranges from about 35% to 70% during the course of the day. Having no air-conditioning until after lunch is definitely taking its toll on both students and teachers, and I'm seriously lacking in motivation at the moment. If you are a praying person, please pray that our electricity situation will be solved sooner rather than later. We've been told at least another month, and I'm really struggling with that. Meanwhile I will have to depend on God for an extra measure of his strength to get through the weeks ahead.

OK. That's it for now. I'm off for a cool shower and bed. At least I have air-conditioning in my bedroom at home so I can sleep reasonably well.

In His service


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