01 March 2010

Not a good start to the month

No electricity at school from about 9.30am to almost 5pm was not a good way to start the month. With the temperature at 30 degrees and 62% humidity, it was not going to be a good day. By 11.30am it was 33 degrees, and by 12.30 it was 34. The temperature peaked at 35 at 1.30pm, and stayed there until after 4.00pm so I was very glad to get into the pool at 3pm and do a few (20) laps. I felt better for a little while.

Fortunately it was not the school's fault this time, at least as far as we know it was a general area outage, so we can't be in trouble for using too many fans or air-conditioners. The hot season is just beginning, so please pray that the electricity situation will stabilize very soon! Kid's really can't learn well in these conditions, and teachers find it harder to teach. OK. I've got my electricity free lessons planned for tomorrow, although hopefully I will have power for Language Arts because then the CD gets to read the story instead of me.

In addition to that I was down four students today. Two didn't even come because they were sick, and two that got sent home by 9am. There's a bug going around. I hope and pray that I don't get it.

Well, I'm off to have a cool shower, and turn the air-conditioner on!

Good night.

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