16 April 2010

Friday's gone too!

I'm riding in the rain! Yep, I had the dubious pleasure of breaking out the raincoat this evening as I prepared to ride my moto home from a BBQ this evening. I'd had a lovely evening with friends, and finally decided it was time I headed home, lest I get locked out of the house again! As I went to leave I saw heavy spots of rain on the ground, and so decided that it would be wise to give the raincoat it's first work out of the year. By the time I got home I was somewhat damp below the knees, but the rest of me was pretty dry. Actually, it was a pleasant end to a fun evening. No, I don't really like riding in the rain at night, but I do enjoy the coolness that the rain brings to the atmosphere. Thanks Lord for rain.

Today was a somewhat frustrating day, although very productive considering all the factors impacting on it. After a late night last night I didn't end up swimming this morning, but am looking forward to swimming again tomorrow morning. When I got to school, I discovered that the computer in my classroom had finally decided to die, and it would not boot up at all. That was frustrating, since as well as a pages that I needed to print from an e-book, I also needed to print math worksheets and work on other planning/assessment documents. I managed to get a computer in the library to cooperate with me for a while, but eventually it too decided that it was going on strike, and simply shut down on me. Not sure if it got too hot or what the problem was, but it certainly wasn't going to cooperate. Never mind. I got the important documents printed, and a fair bit of planning done. Not only that, I've got a good idea of what I plan to do in the next two weeks. Still some work to do tomorrow, but in reality the next couple of weeks are looking pretty well planned.

Time for bed! Good night. Karen

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