15 April 2010

Please tell me tomorrow isn't Friday

It just can't be Friday tomorrow, can it? Are you sure? It can't be. I need another 3 days of holidays please. This week has just flown by. I guess that's the way it happens when you are having fun. Alas, it is true, and I have just 3 more days before the fun begins again. Once again, I've achieved a fraction of what I had planned to achieve, however there are still two days to get some more done. On a positive note, I'm feeling pretty good because not only do I have my schedule drawn up in my plan book with all the various holidays and special events between now and the end of the year plotted in, but I have got two weeks of Bible lessons planned (including all the required materials prepared and ready to go), and I've got Language Arts for the coming week done as well (just some photocopying to be done there). Tomorrow I hope to get the following week's Language Arts planned (a Reading-Writing Workshop focusing on Research Reports), as well as two weeks’ worth of Math lessons. I also need to work out how I'm going to finish the current Science Unit, and plan the final Social Studies Unit on Ancient Rome. One of the key assessment items for Ancient Rome will be a Research Report (hence the Language Arts focus for next week), combined with a PowerPoint presentation. Then I have to work out how I'm going to fit everything in to just 26 days, especially since I'm definitely losing two Social Studies blocks to Music presentation rehearsals.

It hasn't all been work though! I've enjoyed playing Scrabble on Facebook in the evenings, and swimming in the mornings. I started out by swimming 20 laps of our 25m pool on Monday morning, and this morning I managed to do twice that. Yep, that means I swam 1km this morning, and it only took me 40 minutes. My goal is to be able to do it in half that time, but that will require consistent effort, so I'm trying to work out how I can achieve that, as well as keep up with school demands. Having a friend join me in the pool a couple of times this week has added to the pleasure.
I've also managed to enjoy a few meals out with friends, and am looking forward to a BBQ tomorrow evening with a few friends.

At this time, I'm wondering how late the party across the road is going to continue tonight. I thought I was going to have trouble getting in the front gate because there was a car parked right in front of it, but it was OK. Right now, the music is vibrating the glass in my windows, and I can hear the music just as clearly as if I had every window and door in the house open (which I don't). Just as well I still have a few jobs to do this evening, as Khmer parties are not conducive to sleep! Oh well, it is Khmer New Year after all. I should be happy they are happy and that it's not a funeral!

Good night all. I'm off to cook Apricot Crumble and do some laundry.


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