01 April 2010

Easter is here - but it doesn't seem like it!

I haven't seen any Easter Eggs, or Hot Cross Buns, and I have to teach school tomorrow. In fact we're doing testing. It just does not seem right. I "should" be rising early for a Good Friday service, and then enjoying a four day weekend. Alas, this is not to be. I seriously doubt that I will see any Easter Eggs, although it's not totally impossible, and after all, that's not what Easter is really about anyway.

Actually, technology and electricity permitting I will see some Easter Eggs, when I show my students Veggie Tales "An Easter Carol" tomorrow afternoon. That's the plan anyway, but I think I'd better have a Plan B as well, just in case we are out of electricity again.

So what's happening in my corner of the world. At school the 4th grade students started their SAT testing today, and that went well. We were done by 10.20am, and we didn't lose power until 10.30am. God is good. It's really hard, as the days continue to get hotter, and without air-conditioning it becomes really hard for the kids to concentrate. This afternoon I took them down to the playground to get out of the classroom, and that was OK to a certain extent, but with PE & swimming classes going on around them, the students are easily distracted.

On the job front I'm still waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for God to show me where He plans for me to be next year. I'm doing OK most of the time, but it's not easy. I continue to work on surrendering to Him daily, and trusting Him with my future. I've submitted the second part of an application to an organisation of Christian International Schools, and know they have contacted people for references, so I'm waiting to see what comes of that. I also had a chat with an Aussie missionary here in Cambodia earlier this week who is looking for a teacher for an "outpost" of HOPE, but they really need someone with Early Childhood training. Not my area at all. God has a plan, and He will show it to me in His time. Meanwhile He's definitely helping me to learn to trust Him more, and to be patient for His timing.

My latest "fun" activity has been the discovery of Scrabble on Facebook. I had a great game tonight, playing two seven-letter words, one of which crossed two double-word score spaces! Yes! Love it. Will have to discipline myself there. Still, life can't all be work. Fun times are important too!

Well, that's it for the first day in April 2010. I hope and pray that all who read this have a blessed Easter time as they remember our Lord's sacrifice and triumph. Jesus is Alive!

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