06 August 2010

Found it!

Did you ever put something in a safe place, only to be unable to find it again 2 days later? Never? I don't believe you! Well, OK, maybe I believe you, but I seem to do it all the time, only sometimes it's not 2 days, it's 2 weeks, or months, and then it's really frustrating.

One of the challenges of changing schools has been that I brought home a number of the resources I've bought over the years, and then had to find places for them. Obviously some will end up in my new classroom, but others will live at home, for reference & planning purposes. That means that I have to find homes for these treasures (temporary or permanent), and sadly some things have been misplaced along the way. Like the CD that goes with a maths program which we don't use at either school, but which has some great resources in it. I've got two levels (3B & 4A) and each teacher edition comes with a resource CD. Well I found the level 4A CD without too many problems, but could I find the level 3B one? No way. After hunting through all the "piles" and putting all my CDs & DVDs in one place I still couldn't find it. Eventually, in utter frustration, I decided to have one last book inside each teacher edition (they have pockets for the CDs). So where was the 3B CD - for some obscure reason, which I'll probably never remember, it was inside the level 4A book! Hooray! At least I found it.

My main goal for this weekend, apart from phoning my mother, and going to the gym, is to sort and find homes for all the "junk" that has accumulated in my living room, and to put the stuff that has to go to school in a box so it's easy to take! Hmm. Watch this space to see if I can actually achieve my goal. Meanwhile, if you have "lost" something, don't look in the sensible places, look in the weird places. Who knows what you might find!

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