09 August 2010

Is that boat sinking?

Welcome to the new and improved Phnom Penh riverfront! Above is the view from one of my favourite restaurants in town. For a number of months the area was fenced off, and then for several more months it was like a desert, but now it seems to be complete, although I think some of the palm trees have some re-establishing to do - they look a bit sad at the moment, but they haven't been in very long. The riverfront was actually rather quiet as a friend and I sat and enjoyed our lunch yesterday, but sometimes I like to go there on a Sunday evening after church and it's fun watching the locals enjoying the open space. In a city where most houses have very little yard space, if any, and most of what they do have is paved for parking cars and motos, the people tend to gather in parks like this in the evenings to exercise and socialise.

What caught our attention yesterday, and was the cause of this photo being taken at all, is the boat in the centre. If you look at the picture below you can see two boats. The one on the other side of the river looks as you would expect it to, but the one in the foreground seems to be sinking! It only seems that way though. It was actually travelling at quite a pace up the river. We saw another one a while later that looked much the same. Not sure what the story is, but as I looked back at the photos I was reminded that when it seems like we are going to drown in all our cares and struggles, we need to refocus our attention back on Jesus, and let Him take care of them.

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