13 August 2010

Today I had the "pleasure" of meeting several Cambodian policemen! Ooops. As soon as I got around that corner I knew something was wrong. It was too easy.

Let me go back a couple hours and I head down to the gym. Traffic was a little heavy but not too bad. Did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross-trainer, then swam 20 laps of the pool. All in all, apart from having to disturb the workmen so I could get my shoes & toiletries (& put them away again), a pleasant hour. As I had invited a friend for lunch, I decided to duck across a few blocks to Lucky (local supermarket chain), where all went smoothly until I took my sunglasses out of my handbag for the trip home! Somehow the frame had snapped and one of the lenses was falling out. I hate riding without sunnies! Oh well, life's like that.

Now getting out of City Mall and back on the road I wanted isn't that easy. You can't turn right and you can't make U-turns, and so I just kept going down to what I thought was a round about, only it wasn't. Eventually I managed to get myself heading roughly in the direction I wanted to go, and I saw a little blue and white sign with two arrows which I thought meant I was going the right way. Unfortunately I missed a "no entry" sign on the same stretch of road, and when I rounded the corner I was promptly stopped by the policeman or two. I wasn't going to try and avoid him like many riders do, so I stopped, turned the bike off, and politely asked what I had done wrong. They very politely showed me what I'd done wrong and sent me over to the "boss" who was in charge of the money tin. He wanted to see my moto card (to prove I own the bike) and my license. Fortunately both were in order and so after charging me 5000R I was allowed to continue on my way.

No further problems along the way! Had a lovely time with my friend over lunch, catching up on things. Then late this afternoon I enjoyed listening to and watching a tremendous thunderstorm. Oops neglected to close the back door, and so almost had a flood in the kitchen. Fortunately I discovered it in time and was able to sweep most of the water out. Oops it's changed direction and now it's coming in the front doors & windows (across a metre wide balcony). These are the times when I truly thank God that He has seen fit to give me the home I live in, with a strong roof overhead, and doors & windows to close. There are many in Phnom Penh who will have a very uncomfortable night tonight. They live under tarpaulins or leaking tin roofs, and their homes flood because the town storm water drainage system is inadequate at best.

Well, that's another day in Phnom Penh! Only two more weekends and one more week before I start my new job. Now that will be exciting!

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