04 August 2010

Love in Action

Today at the gym I was inspired and challenged by a delightful example of love in action. When I arrived there was a lady getting changed with some assistance in the change room, and a short while later she came out to the gym, and a gentleman (not the trainer) helped that lady get started on one of the treadmills. I think I noticed this lady because there are quite clear notices saying no "bodyguards/maids/children" are allowed in the gym, and the helper seemed to be staying very close. As I continued with my workout, I noticed something I hadn't expected. The lady doing the workout needed quite a bit of assistance with some tasks, and I suspect she is recovering from some sort of illness. That wasn't what impressed me though. As she moved through a variety activities, the gentleman continued to help her in the most loving way. Later they joined me in the pool, and again I really enjoyed seeing his gentle care for this lady. I praise God for this reminder today that what we first see is not necessarily the whole story, and the reminder to slow down, and look for the whole picture. Don't worry, I wasn't staring, but with mirrors all around, it was easy to observe this beautiful demonstration of love. Thanks Lord.

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