29 March 2011

The Power of Three

A writers' blog that I follow put out the challenge to write on this prompt. There was a list of 9 "threes" to choose from, so this afternoon I'm choosing to write about three things I want in a relationship.

The first thing I want in a relationship is acceptance. It is important to me that I am accepted for who I am, without any expectations to change. Wow, I think that's huge, but it is also important. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying there aren't things about myself that need changing, because there definitely are, and God's working with me on those, but I need to know I'm accepted anyway.

The second thing I want in a relationship is honesty. If people are not honest with me, it's very hard to trust them, and trust is the third thing I want in a relationship. Both these things need to go both ways. I need to be able to be honest with you, just as I want you to be honest with me; and the same applies to trust.

The best relationships are those where there is honesty and trust in an atmosphere of acceptance. God made me who I am, and He loves me that way. He's helping me grow to be the person He really planned for me to be, but I'm not there yet, so I need relationships that will help me get there.

What about you? What three things would you want in a relationship?


  1. Um, what was the third thing? Acceptance?

    I'm with you though. The relationship problem I've had this year has been sadly lacking in all three of these things. And sadly it doesn't look a lot like changing (though I'd love to be proved wrong on that account)

  2. 1. Acceptance
    2. Honesty
    3. Trust

    The trust kind of got lost in the honesty comment but it's important.

  3. Hi Karen...thanks for participating in the "Power of 3." You were the first one to submit your 3. I love that! The 3 things that are important for me in a relationship: 1. Taking time to be together. 2. Going deep, quickly. 3. Lovingkindness.
    Have a great day in your corner of the globe...your friend, Cindy


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